A dream golf getaway turns into the trip of a lifetime

This was worth the wait!

Andrew Coray
January 24, 2023
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Picture this: A three-day, four-night trip to Pebble Beach – the place where golfers dreams really do come true. This seemed like the ideal prize for Elena and her husband as it’s not too far from their home in San Jose, CA. 

A fun little family of five with two nine-month-old twins and a five-year-old daughter won this amazing trip after wagering their Watts in their OhmConnect Rewards Marketplace. These Watts (or points) are what OhmConnect members can earn when they reduce their energy consumption during energy-saving events called OhmHours and AutoOhms. And after saving up as many Watts as they could, they started entering them for this amazing prize.

When the winner was announced during our bi-weekly Facebook broadcast, Elena and her husband tuned in and couldn’t believe their eyes. Her exact words were, “What? This isn’t real! There’s no way!” But it was real and there was a way! 

Here comes the trip of a lifetime. Our winners decided to take the cash equivalent of $4,500 and have begun to plan their first ever trip to Hawaii with their whole family. 

“This is cool and important and it's meaningful and exciting. I refer people to it all the time,” said Elena. “There is a major benefit to being mindful of the energy we consume. Prior to this prize, I had never spun the Wheel or entered into the prize drawing.” 

Congratulations to Elena and her family and we hope you all have so much fun in Hawaii!

Andrew Coray

Andrew has been an OhmConnect member for five years and is part of the Customer Experience team. His favorite way to save energy is turning off the lights and playing hide and seek with his daughters.

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