daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back
daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back

California man earns $41,000 in one month referring others to OhmConnect

He boosted his referral bonus on the Wheel in a BIG way
He boosted his referral bonus on the Wheel in a BIG way

Off the top of our heads, we can think of a *small* handful of jobs that will net you more than $40,000 USD per month. 

  • Professional athlete. 
  • Hedge fund manager.
  • Cardiac surgeon. 
  • Successful bigwig lawyer to high-profile clients.
  • OhmConnect super-referrer

Wait, what?! Yes, you read that right. 

OhmConnect customer Brandon D. from San Luis Obispo raked in a whopping $41,000 in the month of June, purely thanks to referring people he knows to OhmConnect

How’d he do it? 

Brandon, an OhmConnect customer since 2019 when he discovered the program on Reddit, checked his account balance one day and realized he’d racked up a lot of Watts thanks to his energy saving during OhmHours. 

He decided to use those Watts to spin the Wheel and noticed that he’d scored a boost to his referral bonus that was adding up in a big way. 

“I looked at my referral bonus and realized it was well worth my time to start taking it seriously and getting people I knew to sign up for OhmConnect.”

Once he’d exhausted his list of close contacts, he offered $100 cash to anyone who signed up using his referral link and even a little bit extra if those people invited others to use his link. 

“It’s tough because everyone thinks it’s a scam or too good to be true, but it isn’t,” he explained. “I tell them how the program works and that I really like using it - it’s not a scam.” 

blue button to sign up for OhmConnect stating "start earning"

His trick for racking up major rewards during OhmHours 

Brandon, a machinist, and his wife use OhmHours as a chance to disconnect from their electronic devices and go out for a date. 

“We have smart thermostats and pretty much every outlet in my house has a smart plug attached to it,” he said. Those smart devices mean that his energy saving is automated and he will earn rewards without lifting a finger when an OhmHour or AutoOhm comes his way. 

“I really like the program. It’s been a lot of fun!” 

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