daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back
daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back

Dream Pebble Beach trip made possible with OhmHour earnings

“We paid for it using the money we earned going swimming!”
“We paid for it using the money we earned going swimming!”

Amber S from the Central Valley started her OhmConnect journey very casually, participating in OhmHours when it was convenient and switching off appliances only when she remembered. 

“Every now and again I’d see a notification and so I’d go for a swim instead of doing something inside - I wasn’t really thinking too much about it.” 

That is, until she checked her OhmConnect dashboard and realized that her choices to be outside instead of using electricity for the designated OhmHours were starting to add up in a big way. 

“I went into my account and realized that I had a lot of cash in my account! I started to think ‘If I have this much in my account and I don’t really do anything, how much could I earn if I took it a bit more seriously?’”

That’s when she got savvy with her energy savings and set a goal for herself - she wanted to treat her husband to his dream, a round of golf at Pebble Beach. 

Automated energy saving racked up big earnings

Living in a 3600 square foot home meant that running around unplugging everything manually would have taken some time so Amber decided to automate her energy savings as much as she could. 

She connected their wifi thermostat to OhmConnect, attached a few smart plugs to the computers in their home and with the help of her kids, unplugs things like the coffee maker and treadmill by hand. 

“I’m sure my kids were annoyed at first when I said they couldn’t play Xbox for an hour but now that they know the drill they help me unplug everything. Then we’ll usually go for ice cream or hang out in the pool so it’s fun for us.” 

In addition to the money she earns from OhmHours, Amber also racks up points without lifting a finger by participating in AutoOhms - short windows of energy saving that happen automatically when her connected devices are powered down during times of critical stress on the grid. 

Want to participate in AutoOhms? Connect a smart device to OhmConnect today to start earning! 

The big reveal 

Amber had been wondering how she might be able to surprise her husband on his 40th birthday without him noticing her saving money. 

“I thought for sure he’d notice if I made a big purchase from our bank account so I kept the money adding up in my OhmConnect account,” she explained. “I did a quick PayPal transfer to splurge a bit on Pebble Beach. He said ‘You paid for Pebble Beach just by going for a swim?!” 

Congrats Amber on your energy savvyness and happy birthday Endre! 

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