daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back
daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back

Final Weeks To Score $100 For Sharing Your #OhmHour Moments!

Share your #OhmHour photos and videos until December 23 for your chance to win.
Share your #OhmHour photos and videos until December 23 for your chance to win.

A few months back, we put a call out to give us a sneak peek of how you spend your #OhmHours and we LOVED what we’ve gotten a glimpse of.

More than 100 people shared photos and videos of their #OhmHour moments on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and so far, three lucky winners have gone home with $100. And there’s still time for one more winner before the contest closes December 23!

In their own words:

Hear from our winners about their #OhmHour experiences.

Kim McDermott’s doubly awesome posts of puppies and power saving!  

“OhmConnect has helped our family in so many ways. It has helped us completely offset our energy costs for the past two years, pay down our debt, helped us donate to the many animal charities we support and most importantly, OhmConnect helped us help OTHERS by introducing them to the program. I love watching families I share the program with earn extra money through this free program and it’s a great feeling to know we’re doing our part to help the planet. Thanks again for recognizing my efforts in sharing this program I love.” - Kim McDermott

Christina Cabrera’s family making the most of an #OhmHour

“One thing that surprised me about OhmConnect is that it is 100% legit! I would always see the ads on Facebook and think to myself, "Pssshh yeah right! Why would they pay people just to turn off their lights!?" Until one day I saw my neighbor flipping her breaker off and asked her what she was shutting it off for, which is when she told me all about the program. I went home, signed up and have been committed ever since! I am now on a streak of 35 #OhmHours in a row with 99% energy reduction and I don't mind shutting my breakers off for an hour or two per week because I'm getting paid for doing it! Thank you OHM!! PS: My kids used to hate when it was time to shut the breaker off and now they get excited to do it because they know that means we all do something fun during that hour and the time flies by! ” -Christina Cabrera

Bobby Malette getting in some family time and scoring $100 to do it

“Thank you so much for the $100 - it was much needed. I’ve really enjoyed OhmConnect for multiple reasons. First, it helps save money on my electric bill, which is always nice. Second, I like that by participating in the program you can actually earn money and win prizes with no out-of-pocket money. I was a little skeptical at first thinking it was a pyramid scheme but I took a chance and I’m glad I did. Last but not least, I’ve enjoyed more family time during the #OhmHours. We, as a society, depend on technology and electricity so much that we forget what’s most important: family. I’ve had more fun playing board games and watching my kids play outside. I hope to continue enjoying the program. Thanks again.” - Bobby Malette

Just hearing about the contest now? There’s still time for YOU  to win.

Post your #OhmHour moments on Instagram or Twitter, tag it with the #OhmHour hashtag and we’ll choose our favorite submissions. Then, stay tuned as we announce a winner on our bi-weekly Facebook Live broadcast, Power In Numbers. If you’re that episode’s winner, you’ll be going home with $100 in Amazon Gift Cards or cash!


All you gotta do is:

  1. Sign up for an OhmConnect account so you can receive the gift card if you’re chosen as a winner - it’s free!  (Already an OhmConnect community member? Props to you!)
  2. Share your #OhmHour story on social media. Be sure to tag your posts with #OhmHour or #OhmHours. It’s that easy! (Note: if sharing on Facebook, please post the photo directly to our wall so we are sure to see them.)
  3. Every two weeks, we’ll pick our favorite post and award that user $100 on their OhmConnect account, which you can cash out via PayPal or Amazon and Target gift cards!
  4. Tune into OhmConnect’s Facebook page every other Sunday at 5PM for our biweekly broadcast, Power In Numbers, where we’ll announce the latest photo winner — along with who’s won the most recent Prize #OhmHour challenge.

Not sure what to post?

  • Share a photo on Instagram of how your family participates in OhmHours or of your favorite #OhmHour memory
  • Tweet us your favorite way to use smart plugs during #OhmHours to save energy
  • Take a video of your kids singing an original song about OhmConnect and why #OhmHours are fun!
  • Use that creative energy from unwinding during the #OhmHour to write an energy efficiency Haiku -- always a crowd favorite :)
  • Make a timelapse video of the installation of your new smart thermostat? Love it!
  • Snap a photo as you plug your holiday lights into a smart plug. Happy holidays indeed!

Remember: be sure to tag your posts with #OhmHour or #OhmHours so we see them. Happy posting! 

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