daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back
daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back

OhmConnect Customer Goes All In With Her Watts and Wins $5000!

“I probably could have cashed out around $250 but we just went for it, and we got lucky!”
“I probably could have cashed out around $250 but we just went for it, and we got lucky!”

Naomi J. from Bakersfield has got a full plate. With three children in the house, spare time is limited and she admits that when the new OhmConnect platform was launched earlier this year, she didn’t spend too long figuring out how it all worked. 

“To be honest, I didn’t really check out what I could do with my Watts but I didn’t think it was possible to withdraw as cash anymore,” she said with a laugh. 

To clarify: it certainly is still possible! To withdraw your Watts as cash, scroll down to the bottom of the Rewards Marketplace and click on “Exchange for cash”.

Having joined OhmConnect nearly three years ago and being diligent with their energy savings, Naomi and her family had a LOT of Watts racked up and -- thinking her only option was to enter for a prize -- decided to go all in on our latest giveaway of $5000 cash. She ended up entering more than 1000 times! 

Luckily for her, the wager paid off and her name was chosen as our latest prize winner. 

“If we’d simply cashed out like normal, I probably would have had about $250,” she said. “I couldn’t believe we got so lucky!” 

How they racked up so many Watts in the first place 

“We learned about OhmConnect from a friend who did it for some side income. We started out and thought ‘this is crazy!’. It’s free money.” 

Naomi and her family make OhmHours a family affair with all the kids taking time away from devices or at the very least, making sure they’re fully charged before the event starts. They also have a smart thermostat and a handful of smart plugs connected to their OhmConnect account.

“We hang out together. Sometimes we’ll use lanterns and we make sure our tablets are charged. We’ve been doing it for so long, we’re just used to it!” 

The time they spend as a family and the tangible action they can take for the planet have already been a bonus and this major prize is just icing on the cake. 

“This is one little thing that we can do. Even if you feel like you’re not making a difference, your efforts -- and the rewards you can earn -- add up.” 

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