The MEGA Summer 2019 Grand Prize: Your Energy Bills Paid for Life!

Qualify three times this summer to be eligible for MEGA Summer’s Grand Prize.

In California, the average household spends around $100 per month on their residential electricity bill.

At $1200 per year (and in many cases, more than this!), plus sometimes separate billing for heating and cooling, your energy bill can make a HUGE dent in your family’s annual budget.

Over the years, simply keeping the lights on in your home can set you back a massive amount of money, and we can think of a lot more fun and interesting things to spend that amount of money on than your cell phone chargers or pool pumps.

That’s why our MEGA Summer 2019 Grand Prize has got us so stoked.

On Wednesday October 9 at 8PM PT, we’ll be giving one lucky OhmConnect customer their energy bill paid, for life*.

Want to get in on the action?

If you’ve never heard of the OhmConnect MEGA Summer program, check out this page with all the details about how to get involved.

But in short, it goes like this:

1. Sign up for a free OhmConnect account:  If you’re not yet an OhmConnect user, get signed up. Not only could you be eligible to win your energy bills for life, but you’ll be entered into a program that actually pays you to save energy on a weekly basis. Awesome, right?

2. Stay tuned: Keep an eye out for MEGA #OhmHour notifications

3. Hit your energy goals: If you spot a MEGA #OhmHour in your inbox, take a close look at the goal set for you. (They will something along the lines of "get 2x the points when you use less than X.X kWh”. These goals are tailored to your own personal energy use, so everyone is given a reasonable stretch goal.)

4. Earn an entry: If you achieve your energy goal, you will automatically be entered into that week's draw (for a variety of prizes, which change up each week) and could be randomly selected as that week’s reward recipient. You can also earn entries by referring a friend to the OhmConnect program, or by connecting a smart home device to your OhmConnect account.

5. Get three entries during the contest period (June 1 - September 30, 2019) for your name to be in the pool of eligible entrants for the Grand Prize of your energy bills paid for life.

(*Note: The Grand Prize actual cash value will be determined at the end of the Sweepstakes Period based on the winner’s previous 12 months of actual energy usage, multiplied by 50 years - and is capped at a maximum of $100,000.)

Katie Overmonds

Katie is an award-winning journalist and digital strategist with more than 10 years of experience in print and digital media and a passion for the environment and fighting climate change.

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