daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back
daughter piggyback riding on her mother's back

Win 1 of 5 $1000 Airbnb Credits In This Week’s MEGA Summer Giveaway!

Always wanted to stay a few nights in a luxury treehouse? Now’s your chance.
Always wanted to stay a few nights in a luxury treehouse? Now’s your chance.

As OhmConnect grows and develops and the concept of “energy sharing” takes shape, a number of folks have referred to us as “The Airbnb of energy”  -- and we couldn’t have taken it as a higher compliment.

Airbnb has cracked open the world of hospitality and made it possible for millions of people around the world to share meals with travellers in their home, or find a unique spot to rest their head that they may not otherwise have discovered.

And the possibilities for where to stay when renting an Airbnb are endless.

Fan of Tiny Homes, Big Living on HGTV and want to try out the idea of living in a tiny home? You can do that!

Greg and I headed to Santa Cruz area for a weekend and LOVED this little piece of paradise - complete with friendly neighborhood chickens and pigs.

Want to stay in a sleek condo and spot celebrities during the Toronto International Film Festival, while avoiding the high price of a downtown hotel? You can do that:

This one is close to all the city's hot spots and at that price, you could stay a full week! 

Always dreamed of sleeping a night in a luxury treehouse? Add it to the list:

This one from Atlanta ranks high on Airbnb’s “Wish list” feature!

This week, we are giving five skilled energy savers the chance to indulge in their dream Airbnb locale for a night with a $1000 credit to Airbnb. (Or stretch the budget and stay in 10 less-glam-but-more-cost-effective spots ... the choice is yours!)

Want to be eligible to win this week’s MEGA Summer prize?

  1. If you’re not yet an OhmConnect user, get registered. Not only could you be eligible to win this smart home overhaul, but you’ll be entered into a program that actually pays you to save energy on a weekly basis. We might be a bit biased, but we think it’s pretty sweet ;)
  1. Keep an eye out for #OhmHour notifications you receive this week.
  2. If you spot a MEGA #OhmHour in your inbox, take a close look at the goal set for you. (They will something along the lines of "use 1 kWh or less." These targets are tailored to your own personal energy use, so everyone has an equal chance of hitting the goal.)
  3. If you achieve your goal, you will be put in the pool of others who did the same and one name will be randomly selected as the reward recipient.
  4. Tune in on Sunday at 5pm to OhmConnect’s Facebook page to watch the live broadcast of the winners, alongside other important MEGA Summer updates (Pro tip: to get a notification when we go live, ‘like’ the Facebook page ahead of time.)
  5. If you don’t win this week’s prize but you successfully meet your MEGA #OhmHour goals three times during the MEGA Summer promotion, you’ll be entered to win our end-of-summer grand prize of $100,000. (Amazing, right?!)

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