From renewable sources like solar and wind power to cutting-edge technologies revolutionizing the sector, we'll uncover the latest trends, breakthroughs, and challenges that define the energy industry. Whether you're curious about the economic impact, environmental implications, or the future of energy, we've got you covered!
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A person at their New York City apartment street.
Historical sustainability

Sustainably Living in Historical NYC Buildings

It can be challenging to make sustainable home alterations while maintaining historical importance in New York City living. Everything you need to know.

Hidden cost of AI server rooms
AI's appetite for energy

The Hidden Energy Cost of AI Technologies

Highlighting the energy cost of AI and other technologies, this piece explores the environmental challenges and calls for sustainable solutions.

A data center with four banks of servers in white
Waste Heat Comes Home

Using Big Data to Heat Homes

Tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta are offering the excess heat from their Nordic data centers to communities with district heating systems

Electricity distribution lines, part of America’s energy solution
Charging towards energy freedom

Electricity: The Key to America's Energy Independence

Explore how the transition to electrification is pivotal for achieving U.S. energy independence and security.

Smart Energy covering the history of the energy grid
New Year, New Grid

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 14

On this episode of Smart Energy, we're chatting about making small habit changes in the New Year, the energy grid with Elysia Vannoy, and answering a listener's question about what to do with old holiday lights.

Multi-family electric bills are calculated in NYC
Navigating the billing maze

Understanding Your Multi-Family Electric Bill in New York: A Tenant's Guide

Gain insights into the workings of electric bills in New York's multi-family buildings, including direct metering, master metering, and the implications for tenants.

An energy audit professional writes notes.
Audit today, save tomorrow

Understanding Home Energy Audits: What You Need to Know

Find out what a home energy audit entails and how it could be the key to unlocking significant energy and cost savings for you.

A man inside an EV, he is going to drive along and do roadway charging
Charge while you cruise

Driving Into the Future: The Street That Charges Your Electric Vehicle

Imagine a world where your car charges while you drive – Detroit's new road is making it a reality. Roadway charging is the latest!

A building with mini heat pumps installed in windows
Sustainable warmth for all

Efficiency Meets Comfort: The Impact of Heat Pumps in NYC's Affordable Housing

Get an inside look at the efficient heat pump transformation taking place at Woodside Houses, a milestone in urban housing in New York City.

A woman and a man wearing safety vets look at solar panels together; they both have clean energy jobs
Clean jobs, clean future

Empowering Futures: Biden-Harris Inject $40 Million to Empower Clean Energy Jobs

With a historic investment in vocational education, the government is empowering a new generation of clean energy workers, creating thousands of clean energy jobs.

A picture of the UN website, focusing on the COP 28 icon
Progress and limitations

What Happened at COP28, and Should I Care About It?

The decisions and agreements made at each COP, an annual climate change conference held by the UN, shape our immediate and long-term future. But what happened at COP28?

A boat carrying liquefied natural gas, or LNG
Is LNG better?

What Is Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and Why Should I Care About It?

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is often promoted as a 'greener' and 'transitional' energy source towards fully renewable grids. However, this characterization isn't entirely accurate. Learn more.

An image of the Department of Energy
Investing in Energy Progress

How the Department of Energy is Investing Today

To understand the evolution of the U.S. energy system, we examine the Department of Energy's current investments, revealing a strategic roadmap for our country’s energy future.

smart energy is using electric heat pumps to heat and cool your home
It really works

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 13

On this episode of Smart Energy we talk about EVs vs. fossil fuel powered cars and which ones are truly better for the environment, chat with Nate Russell with Beyond Efficiency, and give guidance on how to have those tough conversations about clean energy that might crop up during this holiday season.

Smart energy podcast discussing energy markets, insulation, and more
Markets and more

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 12

On this episode we're chatting about how small habit changes made by everyone can have big impacts on the world, speaking with Senior Director of Market Innovation at OhmConnect John Anderson, and answering a listener question about what the best insulation for an attic is.

An array of clocks with charging symbols, symbolizing time-of-use rate plans for electricity
Time Waits For None

Utilities Want to Charge You Based on Time-Of-Use Rates. Are You Ready?

Time-of-use rate plans mean electricity costs vary depending on when you use it. Here’s everything you need to know to keep your electric bill from spiking under one of these plans.

Copper wiring, which will be needed to transition to clean energy.
Metals, Morals, Methods, Momentum

Move Over, Gold: Here Are the Top 6 Metals Powering the Clean Energy Future

Discover the crucial role of six key metals in clean energy and how we can navigate the challenges they present. Uncover personal steps to contribute towards a sustainable and ethical future in this insightful exploration.

Michigan climate laws have recently been passed. Photo of a river in Michigan.
Swing state climate laws

Michigan Ushers in a Greener Future with Groundbreaking Suite of Climate Laws for Statewide Decarbonization and Clean Energy Revolution

Michigan passed four new climate laws aimed at statewide decarbonization and transitioning to a clean energy economy, making it a climate-leading state.

Smart energy using LED Christmas lights
Exciting energy times

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 11

On this episode of Smart Energy, we're chatting about media literacy, learning more about OhmConnect's Director of Software Development, and answering a listener question about how much energy holiday lights use.

Two apartment buildings in New York, we need for housing to be more energy efficient in the U.S.
Greater efficiency in housing

The Need for Energy Efficiency in New and Existing Housing Stock

Why and how the U.S. housing crisis has become a dual matter of sustainable design and affordability.

New York City skyline
Energy Ratings in NYC

How NYC Uses Grades to Encourage Building Efficiency

NYC has implemented an energy efficiency rating system to help them meet their climate goals. Learn what to look for in your next home.

Smart Energy is learning to DIY
DIY essentials

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 10

We go over highlights from the past episodes, chat about Editor-in-Chief's inspiring background in DIY/home improvement, how individuals can build more confidence in tackling home projects themselves, and answer a listener question about what to do with grounded outlets.

A couple looks at their electric bill together.
Bills based on income

What Income-Based Electric Bills in California Means for You

Find out how the new proposed income-based electric bills in California may affect you.

Smart Energy Podcast Blower Door Energy Audit
Blower door score

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 9

On this episode of Smart Energy, Andrew and Kelsey chat about how New Yorkers use energy and how it differs from other areas in the US. Then, Andrew speaks with Katie Henderson with Efficient Home, LLC who's a home energy efficiency auditor. After that, they answer a listener question about home appliances.

A woman works at a composting plant and stands among piles of composting organic material. This is what climate progress looks like
Progress isn't always pretty

What Climate Progress (Actually) Looks Like

It might surprise you what climate progress looks like, take a look!

Smart Energy is using urban spaces for community gardens
In the neighborhood

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 8

On this episode of Smart Energy we're chatting about the importance of long-term gratification for tackling climate change, urban farms, and what needs to happen with your home's electrical panel when you upgrade to an electric vehicle.

A group meets to discuss the Clean Energy to Communities Program and how they can improve access to clean energy in their area.
C2C closes the gap

What is the Clean Energy to Communities Program, and Who Is Eligible?

This program works by bridging the extensive knowledge of renewable energy experts in research labs with individuals across the country who, while eager to enhance their communities, may possess more excitement for clean energy than deep knowledge or resources.

Smiling kids on a clean school bus, they are breathing better air because it’s electric.
Clean buses for kids

$500 Million Now Available for Clean School Buses; Apply Now!

The United States’ largest public transportation system is our fleet of around 500,000 school buses. Now, there is $5 billion to help turn many of those into clean school buses.

A sustainable landscape as discussed on Smart Energy
No grass, no gas

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 7

On this episode of Smart Energy we're talking about energy vampires, those devices that might be drawing power when you least expect it, sustainable landscaping with Leon Hordijk, and whether battery powered yard tools are worth it.

Sustainable aviation is key to smart energy use
Green fuels galore

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 6

On this episode of Smart Energy we're talking about smart thermostats, the groundbreaking industry of clean aviation, and answer a listener question about how to do a home energy audit.

Someone highlighting the word “lawsuit” in green highlighter on a piece of paper. More and more lawsuits are being brought to try and fight climate change
Suing for sustainability

The Case for Climate

Americans are bringing climate change to the courthouse in ongoing legal battles demanding stronger environmental action and accountability.

A young paramedic smiles at the camera, she is part of the new American Climate Corps program, which will include jobs for emergency responders for extreme weather events.
Youth are the future

The American Climate Corps: A 21st Century Solution rooted in a New Deal model

The American Climate Corps will be critical in giving young people paths to good-paying jobs in the climate sector. Learn more!

smart energy podcast episode 5 heat pumps and electrification
Quit the carbon

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 5

On this episode of Smart Energy we're talking about food and how to eat more sustainably, speak with CEO Cooper Marcus at QuitCarbon, and answer a reader question about wood stoves for heating a house.

Carbon capture technology at a plant. This technology captures carbon before it is released into the atmosphere and then stores it underground to reduce the impacts of that greenhouse gas.
A growing climate solution

Why Carbon Capture is a Solution Attracting Billions

Get a snapshot of efforts to remove carbon from our atmosphere.

A panoramic view of a wind farm at dawn, wind power is a growing form of renewable energy.
We love cheap renewables

Why Are Solar and Wind Power Cheaper than Fossil Fuels and What Does That Mean for Our Future?

An explainer on why solar and wind are much cheaper than fossil fuels, where those prices are predicted to go, and what that means for you.

Yellow electric school bus plugged in at a charging station.
For country

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 4

In this episode of Smart Energy, we discuss heat pumps, the Inflation Reduction Act, the national security benefits of electrification, and indoor air quality.

A female wind turbine technician stands in a field of wind turbines with a tablet and hard hat. She is part of the recent boom in green energy professions.
Join the climate workforce

A Burst of Energy — New Opportunities in Green Energy Professions

With the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions, tradespeople are at the heart of the clean energy transition.

A photo of the Hoover Dam at sunset, which is a hydropower plant and a renewable energy resource.
Renewables for the win

What Are the Five Main Renewable Energy Resources?

The basics of the five renewable energy resources and the future of each.

Charging your electric vehicle is smart energy
EVs for Everyone

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 3

In this episode of Smart Energy, host Andrew Zoellner talks with Kelsey Bourgeois about getting started with an EV. Then, we chat with Max Dunn, electric vehicle enthusiast and early adopter, about his journey getting into the EV space. Finally, we answer a listener question about buying an EV without having charging available at his apartment building.

Smart energy is not using a gas stove
Get rid of gas

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 2

In this episode of Smart Energy, host Andrew Zoellner talks with Andrew Coray about the Inflation Reduction Act. Then, we chat with Sean Armstrong from Redwood Energy about electrification and how bad gas stoves really are. And, we answer a listener question about water heaters and give some advice on when you should replace yours.

A forest, which is the subject of this Smart Energy podcast
Hot hot hot

Smart Energy Podcast Episode 1

In this episode of Smart Energy, host Andrew Zoellner talks with Curt Tongue about extreme heat, then chats with Austin, TX arborist Jesse Neumann about the challenges of keeping trees alive in urban environments. And, we take some time to answer a question about buying a new washer and dryer.

Increased solar panel installation as part of the Inflation Reduction Act
Happy anniversary

The Inflation Reduction Act at one year: How is it going?

A retrospective of the first year of the Inflation Reduction Act

Clean energy projects in Texas like this solar field bring local economic benefits.
Texas goes green

Empowering Communities: How Clean Energy Projects Benefit Rural Texas

Discover how clean energy projects transform rural Texas: jobs, economy, infrastructure - a brighter, cleaner future.

During peak grid events, renewable energy saves Texas
Solar wins again

Renewable Energy Saves Texas Even As State Legislators Try To Kill It

Solar energy, supported by recent significant investments in energy storage, kept Texans in their air conditioning.

California’s new target is to shift the equivalent of electricity used by 7 million homes from the evening to the daytime.
Be bold and flexible

California’s Bold Flexible Demand Goal and Our Clean Energy Future

California’s new target is to shift the equivalent of electricity used by 7 million homes from the evening to the daytime.

Community solar projects let homeowners who don’t have good solar coverage benefit from local clean energy.
Let the sun shine

The Bright Side of Community Solar Projects

Community solar projects let homeowners who don’t have good solar coverage benefit from local clean energy.

Here’s how fracking and renewables are changing US energy production
More power

Here’s how fracking and renewables are changing US energy production

Using annual report info from the Energy Information Administration, OhmConnect looked into how the U.S. generates its power, and how the rise of renewable energy fits into the future landscape.

Solar panels and wind turbines are part of US renewable energy strategy
Renewables on the rise

How US Renewable Energy Adoption Compares to Other Major Emitters

Wondering about US renewable energy output? OhmConnect broke down how renewable energy adoption in the U.S. compares to other major emitters.

Extreme Heat Means Extreme Demand On The Energy Grid
Let's reduce demand

Extreme Heat Means Extreme Demand On The Energy Grid

OhmConnect members can play a key role in electricity management during critical times

Two people walking in front of California's senate building, discussing the electric grid.
The future is here

California’s Electric Grid is Teetering. The State Just Took a Big Step to Fix It.

Bold new legislation sets a statewide goal for Flexible Demand, provides the funding to reach it, and will eliminate regulatory barriers.

Ways to help during a Flex Alert - a photo of an OhmPlug smart plug on top of money
Just the beginning

How to Engage CA’s Biggest Savers in Flex Alerts

The OhmConnect community delivered reductions on the Flex Alert despite not being incentivized to do so; unfortunately, many of our best users were forced to sit out

OhmConnect CEO Cisco DeVries and his son, enjoying the perks of remote working, sitting on their couch
Get comfy

Last Year I Wrote About Remote Working. I Was Wrong.

Almost a year into the pandemic, here’s my new advice.

A neighborhood of houses with OhmConnect logos on the roofs
Let's all do better

Deep Dive Into OhmConnect’s Community Response During Summer 2020

OhmConnect customers powered down in a big way last August and should be praised for their hard work

An illustration of smart home devices overlaid on a green landscape, representing people power
When our powers combine

“People Power” at its Best: Resi-Station

We’re building the largest virtual power plant in North America.

A graph representing OhmConnect's impact on the energy grid during an OhmHour
Don't be demanding

OhmConnect’s Response to California Energy Grid Challenges

OhmConnect Instrumental In Stabilizing the Grid During Forced Black Outs

A long road with the hot sun overhead, hot weather stressing the power grid.
We have an answer

California’s Power Grid Was in Crisis -- and OhmConnect Responded!

Our OhmConnect community collectively saved enough energy to power 625,000 homes and helped avoid two days of forced black outs.

California blackout on a busy street
Demand flex

California’s Rolling Blackouts are Unnecessary

We can quickly build hundreds of megawatts of demand flexibility and eliminate the need for rolling blackouts --​ by *paying* people to network their appliances

A woman in a mask looks at her tablet, worried about her electricity expenses
Help is here

Disadvantaged Californians Could Face Additional $174M in COVID-19 Related Electricity Expenses

Six ways to ensure all families have continued access to public utility services, including household energy

A collage of photos of OhmConnect team members who work from home, on Zoom
Carve out space

Top 5 Work From Home Lessons from a Remote CEO

How I was surprised to find that a remote work culture has made us stronger, more resilient, more productive, and better able to attract top talent.

An illustrated graphic of the a virus on a smoke stack, representing high electric bills from COVID-19
Prices are going up

COVID-19 May Cost CA Customers $1.2 Billion in Higher Electric Bills

Increase in residential bills only one of the large changes we are seeing in energy use.

An illustrated graphic of the Power Perspectives podcast, discussing demand response
Hear our secrets

2020: Demand Response & Flexibility Via Residential Customers

OhmConnect's founder, Matt Duesterberg, was featured in this week's Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast, where they dove into the world of on demand load shifting and the business model it supports outside of the utility space. Listen to it now!

2020 Energy forecast: an illustration of the words "energy predictions"
What we see

2020 Energy Forecast: What you Need to Know

The power behind the changing industry. Energy Expert Matt Duesterberg, co-founder and CRO of OhmConnect, the leading clean energy program, dives into his 2020 energy predictions.

A man and woman do virtual work at a coffee shop
Stay flexible

Virtual Work: OhmConnect Goes Remote and “R-Ohm’s” Free

16 lessons learned after a San Francisco startup ditched the office life and went fully virtual

Two kids load a dishwasher, unaware of how Time of Use pricing will affect their energy bill
Get used to it

Understanding Your Energy Bill: Time-of-Use Rates 101

Let’s spend some time with Time-of-Use Rates

A man standing in the shadows of a high-voltage transmission line to illustrate energy efficient technology
Progress doesn't wait

4 Technologies Making the World More Energy Efficient

It’s easy to fear the downsides of technology. But these four innovations offer positive changes in how we use energy now and how we might in the future.

An illustrated graphic of the stock market over electric cables, representing energy market
It's all connected

A Deep Dive Into Energy Markets: The Details Of How OhmConnect Gets Paid

So how DOES OhmConnect make money anyways?

It’s Been Exactly 1 Year Since the US Withdrew From the Paris Agreement: Here Are 5 Reasons We're Hopeful on Climate
We can do this

1 Year Since the US Withdrew From the Paris Agreement: 5 Reasons We're Hopeful on Climate

This time last year, we mourned a decision that could have meant catastrophic outcomes for the country and the world. Today we celebrate our country’s resilience, ambition, and commitment to doing what’s right.

A picture of four of the founding OhmConnect members, discussing electricity transformation
Load management

The Transformation of the Electricity Grid: What is OhmConnect doing that’s so innovative?

I sat down with OhmConnect CEO Matt Duesterberg to get the scoop.

Wind turbines are one part of the renewable energy equation
Get the scoop

Why Can’t We Run on 100% Renewable Energy?

A look at renewable energy problems:California is aiming to run on 50% renewable energy by 2030 & Hawaii has pledged to reach 100% renewables by 2045 ... but why not now?

A graphic showing lithium batteries powering a home
The more you know

How Lithium Powers The World

As the cost of lithium batteries continues to decline, technologies are setting up the power storage unit for major growth in the coming years. So just how does it work?