A red brick house with a blue staircase. An older house in need of home electrification.
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Katie Overmonds
The highs and lows of home improvement

Transforming Our Old Home: Our journey to energy-efficient home electrification

Katie Overmonds
May 17, 2024

Transforming Our Old Home:

Our journey to energy-efficient home electrification

Welcome to my corner of the internet where we (myself, my husband, Greg, and our two little boys) are about to embark on an electrifying journey together! I'm beyond thrilled to have you join me as I dive into the wonderful world of home electrification, all while juggling the chaos and joy that comes with being a mom of two energetic young kids. If you've ever wondered how to strike the perfect balance between turning your house into a modern electrical haven and keeping up with the adorable chaos of family life, you're in the right place.

Buckle up, because over the next few months, we'll be navigating through the highs and lows of home improvement, sharing anecdotes, tips, and maybe even a few lol-worthy mishaps along the way. From deciphering electrical jargon to discovering the safest and smartest ways to light up our living spaces, I'm here to learn, experiment, and take you along for the ride.

But first, a little about me. I'm Katie, a 30-something (OK, maybe almost 40) mom who's on a mission to create a home that's not only cozy and functional but also future-ready in terms of technology and sustainability. With two pint-sized explorers constantly keeping me on my toes, I totally get the need for a space that's both kid-friendly and adult-sane. And that's where our electrification adventure begins!

We bought an old (1930’s) brick home a few years back and as we settled in and started to learn about our new digs, realized it had a LOT of growing up to do.


  • Insulation: The insulation leaves a little (OK, a lot) to be desired. We found ourselves needing to layer on the sweaters in the winter and our bedrooms in the summers are (as one friend described them) “soupy”.
  • HVAC systems: Our “little furnace that could” was working its hardest, but our home’s temperature really never gets where we’d like it to be and we have lots of eco-guilt every time we adjust the temperature, knowing we’re relying on burning fossil fuels to make ourselves more comfortable.
  • Water heating: “You may want to wait a bit to have a shower, I just ran a load of dishes” was not an uncommon phrase in our household. Our water heater doesn’t meet the needs of our family and we are interested in transitioning to a heat pump water heater for cost and energy efficiency.
  • Electrical: The electrical panel didn’t have nearly enough oomph (that’s the technical term, right?) to power a home that we hoped to transition away from fossil fuels

So we decided to dive right in, and document the process for you as we do!

Whether you're a fellow parent seeking inspiration, a DIY aficionado looking for guidance, or simply curious about the electrifying transformation that's about to unfold, consider this section of the OhmConnect blog your go-to resource. So grab your favorite beverage (because let's face it, caffeine might just become our best friend), kick back, and let's embark on this exciting journey of turning our house into a haven of modern marvels.

I can't wait to share my experiences, insights, and maybe a few "eureka" moments with all of you. Here's to learning, laughing, and creating a home that's not just about bricks and wires, but about the memories we'll build within these walls. Let's get started on this electrifying adventure together!

Stay tuned for the first post, where we'll dive headfirst into understanding the ABCs of home electrification. Until then, remember that every renovation hiccup is just a stepping stone to an even more amazing living space.

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